Warranty & Returns

TRE4x4 provides after-sales service only to the original purchaser who purchased from authorized TRE4x4 resellers and distributors, the warranty can not be transferred. All products is warranted against defects by material or workmanship that cause the product to perform below the specified limits set by TRE4x4 ,to the extent that TRE4x4 will repair or replace any parts which are caused the defective.

If a repair will be made or a replacement issued once the product has been inspected by TRE4x4 authorized resellers/distributors and deemed to be warrantable claim, It is at the discretion of TRE4x4. All warranty claims must be submitted with Proof of original purchase via original purchasing store or resellers, unless otherwise arranged.

Before installation of any product, please ensure you have received the correct parts for your application. Ordering of the correct parts is the responsibility of the buyer.

1.Terms of Service and Commitment:

1.1 The non-artificial fault happen in normal use during warranty period.
1.2 The fault caused by TRE4X4 allowed dismantlement, installation, and other operations.
1.3 The warranty is not transferable to another party.
1.4 If defective workmanship or materials become apparent in the Warrant period, TRE4x4 will replace or repair the defective TRE4x4 Products. But products may be required to be returned to TRE4x4 for assessment or repair. TRE4x4 is not responsible for postage or removal costs involved, but assistance may be considered at the discretion of TRE4x4 in the event of such a claim being verified.
1.5 TRE4x4 will not be liable for labor charges and other intangible or consequential losses that might be claimed as a result of a failure of any TRE4x4 component or part thereof to the extent permitted by Chinese law.

2.Exemption clauses:

2.1 The products exceed the warranty period or can not provide the required proof (warranty card, proof of purchase, etc.)
2.2 The fault caused by incorrect operation or installation.
2.3 The fault caused by accident, neglect, abuse (overload working), and misuse.
2.4 Commercial used/competition used.
2.5 Product has been modified.
2.6 Used in racing or competition conditions without the prior consent of TRE 4x4.
2.7 Used beyond the expectations of the original vehicle manufacturer.


All sales are final.

-No returns after 30 days from invoice date will be accepted.

-All returns subject to 20% restocking charge.

-All returns must be authorized by TRE 4x4 prior to return and you must contact TRE 4x4 or TRE distributor to get permission.

-All returns must be shipped prepaid (No C.O.D.’s) in original packaging and must be carefully boxed to ensure items are not damaged in shipment. We suggest you insure the return for the value of the parts in case of loss or damage by the carrier.



Product Warranty period Note
Air locking differential/E-locker/Crab Locker 5 years the damages caused by misuse such as the clutch gears, side gears are not covered under warranty, customers need to purchase the spare parts.
Air compressor 2 years
winch 3 years
suspension 1 years All suspension products must undergo a safety check at 500km after fitment.Damage to products through fitment error is not covered under warranty.
4X4 accessories 1 years
Camping products 1 years
portal fridge freezer Components:1year
SECOP compressor:3 years

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