Ice Rhino fridge freezer

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Ice Rhino Fridge Freezer, born for on-the-go refrigeration needs.
With a digital control panel, you can easily adjust the temperature from 0°F to 50°F (-18℃~10℃), making it perfect for storing everything from frozen meats to fresh fruits and vegetables.
Equipped with a built-in charging port that charges 1.5A mobile devices, the Ice Rhino is not only a fridge, but also a power source to keep your devices charged while you're on the road. And with vehicle battery protection, our low voltage cut-off will not drain the battery of the vehicle, ensuring you're never left stranded.
Whether on the road or at home, our fridge is powered by DC12V & 24V or AC 100-240V, providing flexibility to meet your needs. Our fridge comes in two sizes: 48L and 96L, giving you plenty of space for all your refrigeration needs.
Our convenient dual zone fridge/freezer operation allows for independent control of both cooling zones, providing the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. And with a genuine Secop compressor, you can trust that your food and beverages will be kept at the optimal temperature no matter where you go.
With its superior design, dual-zone operation, and genuine Secop compressor, it provides unparalleled performance and reliability. Upgrade your on-the-go refrigeration today with Ice Rhino.