Snorkel Kit

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Driving through the backwoods' sometimes requires your vehicle to hit river crossings.   This means it will be low and close to the ground and being close to the ground means the vehicles intake will be moved, prone to suck in dust and if submerged in water it will have no choice but to suck in water which will lead to catastrophic engine failure. A snorkel is a device that fits onto your engine’s air intake and allows your vehicle to continue to ‘breathe’, even as you’re passing through creeks and rivers that may be up to the doors.


**pricing varies depending on your vehicle** $185-$235

Listed price is for samurai and geo models in stock, the more expensive models will be for new jeeps and toyotas.  

In stock we have suzuki samurai kits and geo tracker kits.

*coming soon jeep xj, tj and jl kits.


***Please contact us directly before purchase with your vehicle information to make sure we can get one for your application***